Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans

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Top selling soybean due to its high yields, excellent disease package and proven performance in a variety of soil types and row widths.

P 4757 RY

  • Medium to tall light tawny soybean.
  • Works on all soil types & row spacings.
  • Great disease package with resistance to Frogeye & Stem Canker.

P 5226 RYS

  • New Indeterminate early group 5.
  • Excluder with STS technology.
  • Excellent disease package with resistance to Stem Canker, RKN, and SDS.

P 5289 RYS

  • Indeterminate early group 5 with STS technology.
  • Robust plant made for the toughest growing conditions.
  • Resistant to Stem Canker & Frogeye.

P 5752 RY

  • Late group 5 variety.
  • Resistance to RKN, Frogeye, Stem Canker, and tolerance to Metribuzin as well as being very healthy in the presence of IDC.

P 6710 RY

  • Tall late Group VI soybean with RKN and Cercospora Leaf Blight resistance.
  • Excellent variety for all row spacings on medium to light soils.

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