LibertyLink Soybeans

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High yielding soybeans ranging in moderate to high resistance to Frogeye, Stem Canker, SDS and Root Knot Nematode.

P 4565 LR

  • New Technology (Liberty Link GT27) = Glyphosate (Roundup), Glufosinate (Liberty) and HPPD.
  • Medium tall plant for all soil types with excellent standability.

P 4247 LL

  • Earliest Group IV LL in our line-up.
  • Medium in plant height with excellent ratings against shattering & lodging.
  • Moderately resistant to Frogeye, Stem Canker, & SDS.

P 4930 LL

  • Dual purpose potential as a double crop option with excellent standability.
  • Tall healthy plant with an upgrade in disease resistance from previous 4.9 LL varieties.
  • Good fit for all soil types and row spacings with excellent flood tolerance.

P 5414 LLS

  • A LL55 variety with STS technology.
  • Red bean with salt tolerance.
  • Some resistance to Root Knot Nematode.

P 5909 LLS

  • Late group 5 LibertyLink variety with STS technology.
  • Taller plant type with salt tolerance.
  • Has some resistance to RKN, Frogeye, and Stem Canker.

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