Corn Hybrids

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Our mission of authenticity has not wavered in our mission to bring you the best corn hybrids with proper placement recommendations for your farm.

Congratulations to Johnny Hula of Charles City, Virginia, who placed third in the 2017 NCGA yield contest using Progeny’s 5115VT2P with a finished yield of 504.6890 bushels per acre! Click here to view this hybrid’s data sheet.This year, only five national entries surpassed the 400-plus bushel per acre mark, and we are proud that Progeny is among the top seed companies paving the way to higher yields. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning corn products!

PGY 4114 VT2P

  • Excellent heat and stress package.

  • High yielding semi-determinate ear hybrid.

  • Quick dry down before harvest.

PGY 5115 VT2P

  • Excellent heat and humidity package.
  • Determinate ear type.
  • Highly sensitive to Sulfonylureas/ALS inhibitors (group 2).

PGY 7115 VT2P

  • Up and coming companion to PGY 5115VT2P.
  • Will bring more flex in ear type for early planting Mid-South growers.
  • Can be a racehorse hybrid with conducive growing conditions.

PGY 7215 VT2P

  • Wide leaf corn hybrid that can handle high humidity and heat stress with its wide leaves and canopy.
  • Early data shows great results at elevated plant populations.
  • Shows very good drought tolerance.
  • This corn hybrid is proven to be sensitive to POST EMERGENCE applications of Growth Regulating Herbicide chemistries.

PGY 6116 VT2P

  • Tremendous heat/humidity tolerance.

  • Offers high yield potential for Mid-South growing conditions.

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